Get Help!

Whether you need help or advice we would like to point you in the right direction. Do not suffer in silence, it’s always hard to take that first step but think of what will happen if you don’t. You Deserve Happiness, You Deserve Peace, You Deserve Love. 

For those of you who use social media frequently please be aware of constantly sharing your location. Your safety should always be your top priority. If you go on a date with someone you haven’t met, make sure you have a safety plan in place, tell someone you trust and always assess an exit plan if your in an enclosed space. Be careful of people trying to lure you into something that you haven’t signed up for.

Some of the key signs or red flags as we would call them would be:

  • Constant messaging or phone calls
  • Mental manipulation (playing by their own rules after they have tried to engage in a conversation)
  • Short tempered, but talks you round or begins to buy your affections
  • Persistent on meeting
  • “Overprotective” This could start with a minor thing such as asking who your texting or calling, commenting on your appearance or clothing

The above are just signs too look out for, we want you to have as much information as possible. These are things that can develop over time, so remain mindful. Please remember that you are beautiful and that you have the right to be yourself. It is okay to feel comfortable within yourself. It is okay to seek help when you need too. Do not let things that you can change stop you from living a full life, or in in the shadow of someone else’s idea of how you should live.

For those of you that have experienced rape, emotional abuse, domestic violence on any level or are still currently experiencing it, RIAT is speaking directly to you! It can stop, it can change. It hurts and its scary but you deserve better. That first step you take will always be hard, because it becomes realer than ever. Whether you tell a friend or hopefully use one of the contacts listed below. We want to congratulate you! Please speak to someone we urge you too.

Please find below a list of companies and organisations that can assist you. Remember you are not alone. IF YOU ARE EVER IN IMMEDIATE DANGER DO NOT HESISTATE CALL 999.

Domestic Abuse Help – Emotional and Mental Abuse also falls under the spectrum of domestic violence. Abuse is not okay, if you know someone that needs help please assist them. If you ever caught in a dangerous situation call 999 immediately. If you are scared and need help, please contact one of the organisations below. They are free and confidential and will assist you with your situation.

Mental Health Assistance – We all suffer with mental health from time to time, whether its anxiety or depression. It could be something more serious such as a disorder. Seek Help. There can also be times when the world becomes too much to face, do not isolate yourself get some help. There’s nothing to be afraid of, there is so much help available. Please find the list below of charities and counsellors that may be able to assist you. At any time if you feel suicidal please call 999 where an operator will speak with you to assess your situation and get you the right help. Alternatively contact your G.P.


If you would like to be added to this page as a charity or counselor please use the form below.