Close the door to fear

Hey guys so today we are going to talk about fears. Well more so the feeling of fear itself. It’s bizarre that we can feel this crippling feeling towards objects or experiences we either have not encountered or have encountered. But yet the body still seeks immediate escapism. Why is this? What is it that we are not comprehending? Through my own experiences with fear … Continue reading Close the door to fear

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Love and all its conditions

It’s funny right? Everyone seeking this pure beautiful love, whilst maintaining their expectations of another individual. How can one pertain to this perfect image you have built in your mind? How does one attain the qualities that you so deeply want. You see, when seeking love where do the foundations lie? Do you seek a partner for beauty, wealth, health or through their devotion to … Continue reading Love and all its conditions

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Let’s Gain Some Clarity

It can be hard on any day to see things clearly, it can be even harder when you have multiple issues or options in front of you. We are going to share the best crystals that we think are good for gaining clarity and for improving communication. It’s all good and well gaining the clarity but what if you are struggling to express yourself? If … Continue reading Let’s Gain Some Clarity

Sunday Thoughts

Sunday reflection   Hello friends, Today I would like to give you some food for thought, the past week has been very sporadic. It has left people feeling overwhelmed and overemotional. This is completely normal in relation to the energy that we are currently experiencing. This new moon has been highly insightful, and many people have made realisations about their path by addressing their past.  … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts

Tuesday Motivation 26.03.2018

This was originally supposed to be completed yesterday however due to mercury retrograde taking its full effect on me over the last few days, I have been unable to write. It’s funny isn’t it, we push ourselves so far sometimes. We always aim to achieve the best possible results, what happens in the days when we can’t achieve our goals. I don’t know about you, but I find … Continue reading Tuesday Motivation 26.03.2018