Laylah Top 5 crystals – March

Hey everyone I hope this finds you well. Below is a list of my top 5 personal favourites for this month. If you don’t know very much about crystal energy than this would be the perfect place to start. Every month I will be bringing you some of my favourite crystals and speaking about them via our empowerment group. The power a crystal emits is … Continue reading Laylah Top 5 crystals – March

Riat Empowerment Group

Welcome To Riat Empowerment Group Hello friends, brothers, sisters , fellow human beings. This group has been designed to help women and men. It is about beginning to understand one another from a deeper perspective. Understanding comes from knowledge. How can you begin to understand love, when you do not understand how somebody else perceives love. This group will inspire and motivate you to remove … Continue reading Riat Empowerment Group

Hello I’m Laylah Chapter 4

When we get out of bed everyday and step into our shoes for the day, it’s not always the path that you choose. Sometimes it is that very path that chooses you. Evolving into the woman that I am came at a very high cost, it involved going through a soul changing process. That can be painful, overtime it becomes easier as it becomes apart … Continue reading Hello I’m Laylah Chapter 4