Hello Monday

How often do you find yourself repeating the same action every Monday morning? How repetitive is your start to the week?

Why don’t you do something to change the energy of the start of your week.

We previously spoke about things you could add to your routine, to spice things up even if it’s just a little.

However, what about the things that run through your mind, the things that block you from such success.

Our mind can often be our greatest enemy, we can input these beliefs about how things should be for us. But when reality hits, the things your not prepared for can cause conflict within the mind. Leaving you with the what do I do now feeling.

It’s hard to just change the way of the mind, what if you were to begin understand that your mind functions on multiple levels. You have things you are aware of , the things you are unaware of and the things that others can see within you that you may not see yourself.

When we address our routines and patterns it’s important to understand that they may need work on multiple levels. When we begin to work on the body mind and soul we begin to unify our human experience to its full potential.

So what belief about yourself and routine do you have that is hindering your progress?

Eg: I believe there is not enough time in the morning to prepare a sustainable breakfast

You could change this by affirming that there is enough time for you to prepare breakfast.

When we begin to implement these small changes, we can begin to envision the possibilities of further improvement to routines and self development.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

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