Laylah’s’ Top 5 Crystals April

I apologise firstly for presenting this post so late in the month, however it is now that they may be of the most use. As we hit Jupiter Retrograde on April 10th things have felt a little confusing. It’s completely natural and is apart of helping you to realign so that you can begin to walking on your true path. You are as happy as you make yourself.

Lapis Lazuli – This is a wonderful crystal when working with the third eye and the throat chakra. This crystal can help balance out the third eye and the throat. It helps to stimulate the mind and give you peace, to understand the enlightenment you are being shown. It is a quick deep stress reliever and emits high levels of serenity.

Use this crystal to speak your truth in a clear way, free yourself from things that no longer serve your higher good as we transcend into a higher vibration.

Fluorite – Green Flourite is the particular type im using this month. It is great for cleansing the aura and maintaining the balance within your energy field. It is also very good at protecting people from psychic manipulation. Due to the high vibration of the universe currently, its very important that you protect your crown chakra.

The Boji Stone – This stone comes in two forms male and female. The female stone is metallic looking and smooth if it has squarish corners then it can be deemed as the male equivalent. They are one of the most effective grounding stones. They are highly protective also and can aid with dispersing blockages.

Carnelian – The carnelian crystal comes in different shades of red, orange, pink and brown. Recently the energy has been somewhat draining. Use the carnelian to rejuvenate you and motivate you. Its useful for creativity and can assist you in connecting with your true path desires. This month I am wearing a carnelian ring to aid me in my daily activities.

Labradorite – This crystal is a useful light keeper, it can help you find your way when your outlook can seem bleak. It helps to raise consciousness and awareness of your current situation. It can help you align with your spiritual purposes and allievating fear. If you are ready to embark on a transformative journey this month. Labradorite will assist you.

We will back with the Top 5 for May – Have fun manifesting your dreams. You are in control!

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