Healing Through Diet

Healing Through Diet – Why do we often relate diet to only food? What about the things we feed our minds? What about the things we feed the soul and aura?

What do you know about mother nature? She is all around us and within everything we do, except we often misuse and abuse her beautiful tools. What if this beautiful earth that we live and breathe on every day was the very medicine that we push away?

There are many plants and herbs that can help to rebalance our body, many of them connect directly with the components of our body. So why is it that we so eagerly consume everything that contains synthetic materials. We question why we are sick, but we are feeding the body food it  cannot absorb. Our food and fluid intake is one of the most important things we have to do in order to survive.

When we are sad we often purge foods that are unhealthy for us, leading to the term comfort food or comfort eating. Please realise this word or phrase is a mental confinement. How many people can say they have been happy with the results of masking their pain through food and abusive substances? Healing is a very important road within any relationship. Whilst everyone deals with their grief in numerous ways, is it not time that we begin to deal with these pains in a more positive manner.

When facing loss in your life in regard’s to relationships what if you were to bake your own cake, what if you were to drink herbal tea instead of reaching for an alcoholic beverage, what if instead of overeating or under eating you exercise to stimulate your brain. You are in control, even when it does not feel that way. You make more decisions about how things will go for you then you realise, in order to progress you must reflect and understand the importance of the situation.

 Today I will be discussing with you some natural remedies that you can try in order to begin healing and rebalancing your energy.


In order to heal you must begin to be in control of yourself once again, often emotions can make us react in ways that are painful to ourselves and others. When healing is important not to project hate as this damages your healing process. When projecting hate onto others it is a projection of what your truly feeling, inside learn to be in control of this. Take time out to meditate and reflect on your thoughts without judging yourself for them.

Breathing exercises

Whilst many people out there, find it difficult to meditate you can also try a range of breathing exercises by counting. For example, control your breathing using 1 to 10. For every number, you inhale and exhale and remain in control of your breath. If you experience an uncomfortable emotion, try to breathe and understand what your body is telling you.

Staying Present

Often people encourage others to keep journals or diaries, sometimes this can be a challenge within itself. I would recommend you when you are feeling at times of despair to write your emotions down in the notes section on your phone. That way every time you overcome an obstacle or challenge you can remind yourself of your strengths through reflection.

Herbal teas

As I mentioned above what we put into our body can have a very detrimental effect on how we react and how I hormones are balanced. There are a number of herbal teas available that you can drink and will aid the healing process.

For example, matcha green tea helps to boost the brains energetic field enhancing your ability to stay focused and calm any anxiety that you may be experiencing. It is also used by Buddhist Monks to keep them aware and present during long periods of meditation

Chamomile tea is excellent for soothing and calming, when facing hardship in your life the body can react by displaying physical symptoms. Insomnia can also be an effect. By finding the right tea for you, you can choose to elevate your moods yourself.

A great herbal tea too boost your immune system is Echinacea, it helps your body to fight the bacteria’s that weaken you and subject you to common colds, flus or bad coughs.


Smells and sense have a proven ability to change the way you feel and elevate your moods. If you would like to try using incense, please do so in a safe manner. Frankincense is known to be a very good anti-depressant. This is due to the calming effect that it has within the body and mind, when ending relationships, it is also essential to clear away the energy of the relationship. Energetic attachments are real and moving forward can feel very straining if we do not clear the invisible baggage that sometimes can pull you down.

Food Intake

Try to stay in control of what you consume, often we can consume foods that make us feel drained and sleepy. Start to implement into your diet slow releasing snacks such as nuts or adding different grains and seeds to your food. Try to stay away from large intakes of processed food, the body will not absorb Mc Donald’s or KFC due to the amount of oil and processed products their food contains.

Stomach issues are arising on a regular basis now you must look after your insides, the stomach holds onto a great deal of substances and over time they can turn into cancers , ulcers or even bowel obstruction.

Please be sure to check out our social media pages to stay up to date, we will be exploring more natural remedies over the next few weeks and looking at Diet Plans that can help you transition into a healthier diet.

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