Laylah’s’ Top 5 Crystals April

I apologise firstly for presenting this post so late in the month, however it is now that they may be of the most use. As we hit Jupiter Retrograde on April 10th things have felt a little confusing. It’s completely natural and is apart of helping you to realign so that you can begin to walking on your true path. You are as happy as … Continue reading Laylah’s’ Top 5 Crystals April

Sunday Thoughts

Sunday reflection   Hello friends, Today I would like to give you some food for thought, the past week has been very sporadic. It has left people feeling overwhelmed and overemotional. This is completely normal in relation to the energy that we are currently experiencing. This new moon has been highly insightful, and many people have made realisations about their path by addressing their past.  … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts