Tuesday Motivation 26.03.2018

This was originally supposed to be completed yesterday however due to mercury retrograde taking its full effect on me over the last few days, I have been unable to write. It’s funny isn’t it, we push ourselves so far sometimes. We always aim to achieve the best possible results, what happens in the days when we can’t achieve our goals. I don’t know about you, but I find it highly frustrating if I cannot reach deadlines or my targets for the day. 

The last six days in particular have being highly exhausting, I found myself feeling very swamped. This then led to mental exhaustion, when the mind is frustrated it will always look for ways to please itself even if that means tormenting you in the process. I have learnt that with acceptance of what you cannot change, it can lead you to greater days. 

Whilst I share this with you, please understand that it is actually hard work to battle energy of the universe versus your own energy. This overtime will become easier the more you become aware. What do you do to keep yourself present? How do you ground yourself? These are very essential tools in any environment it will allow you to stay calm and stay focused and even just be still in the moment if that’s what it calls for. 

I woke up at 5 AM today and it has been a truly incredible day I have achieved many things, many of the things are the things I was trying to do in the heat of the retrograde. I was in a rush because I have deadlines, it was then I realised I had as much time as I allowed myself to have. Time is an illusion, if you learn to be in control of your time you will quickly discover how much you can achieve in your personal life. 
Thank you for taking the time today to read, I will be back with more motivational words. I will try to keep up with this every day however as I spend a lot of time writing about different topics you may also be able to gain the similar insight within another area.  
Have an incredible day. 
Love Laylah 

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