20th March Supermoon – London

Well well well,

We have yet another Supermoon! The start of this year has been so intense. It’s been up and down and a bit of twirl you about!

Well today I urge you all to look deep within and manifest everything you truly desire. This Supermoon is in line with an equinox bringing us huge waves of new energy. Helping us to live our full potential in life.

If there are questions being raised in your mind about direction and where your life is going right now. This is the universe’s polite way of telling you change is due in your life.

The more resisting you do during this time you will realise, life will feel uncomfortable painful even. Listen to your higher self because we are all being heavily guided during this time.

A new dawn awaits us all. Are you going to take the necessary steps to make sure your future is exactly what you have dreamt it to be.

I will be following up with a manifesting exercise later today.

Do not let anything or anyone or upset you. Remember this is just another way of someone telling your their unhappy.

This week focus on protecting yourself from harmful thoughts and words. Convert them into the positive.

For now friends Namaste.

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