Laylah Top 5 crystals – March

Hey everyone I hope this finds you well.

Below is a list of my top 5 personal favourites for this month. If you don’t know very much about crystal energy than this would be the perfect place to start. Every month I will be bringing you some of my favourite crystals and speaking about them via our empowerment group. The power a crystal emits is one people often take for granted or even ignore. But are we ignoring the gifts of the universe for the gifts of man?

Join me for your monthly update, who knows you may find a crystal that’s perfect for you. Or perhaps it will find you.

Labradorite– This crystal always has a dark green/blue base with fluorescent steaks shining through. It is a highly protective crystal and helps deflect negative energy. It can assist in raising your consciousness and vibration. It is known as a crystal of knowledge, because of its ability to help you connect deeply with the universe and beyond.

Angelite– This crystal is literally as angelic as it sounds. It helps to connect you with the angelic realms and is known as the stone of awareness. Through this mercury retrograde it’s important to remain aware of what energy your letting outwards and what you are allowing inwards. It is also good for speaking your truth in a constructive manner.

HematiteThe grounding crystal. I’m sure many of you are feeling the impacts of the retrograde this month. Sit with your hematite to ground yourself and help to realign your direction. At the current moment the energy is highly flamboyant. Either exhausting you or driving you to work until you are so. This month is all about clearing the final pieces of debris! So don’t feel disheartened these feelings will pass bringing in a beautiful rainbow.

Rose Quartz- This crystal is one of the crystals I work with on daily basis. It helps you too heal from anything painful. It resonates with the heart chakra and can be useful when attracting love. This crystal will always start with making you feel better, than gradually work it’s way outwards to areas of your life that need healing too.

Tourmalinated Quartz – This crystal is usually clear with long threads running through it. It is another grounding crystal. However it’s special aspect is that it helps turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. It also helps to re balance the chakras.

Join me again for my top 5 crystals for April.

We will eventually stock a bigger range of crystals on the site so make sure you keep checking The Laylah Loves Collection on

Take care

Laylah xoxo

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