Riat Empowerment Group

Welcome To Riat Empowerment Group

Hello friends, brothers, sisters , fellow human beings.

This group has been designed to help women and men. It is about beginning to understand one another from a deeper perspective. Understanding comes from knowledge. How can you begin to understand love, when you do not understand how somebody else perceives love. This group will inspire and motivate you to remove things that no longer serve your higher self. The part inside of you that wants more from your current experience of life.

This group is a request only group, the reason for this is, there are many people that are taking self discovery and self love very important. Which means the members of the group are dedicated to their journey.

We will be offering the chance for members to meet each other for Empowerment sessions, we encourage self development on every level and meeting like minded people is helpful as well as challenging. Challenging you to step outside your comfort zone, this is when people truly flourish.

We are on Instagram and Facebook just search for Riat. It is time more people begin to realise their inner beauty and walk on their path proudly. Riat formerly known as Roar I’m A Tiger is about your strength and being proud of the obstacles that almost broke you. Because you made it! You got here walking in the shoes you own, with the feet attached to Your body.

Whilst many believe that we just sell Adult products, we have been comfortable with that to be the perception. However after 6 years of dedicated research into the adult industry. We begun to see a bigger picture one we could not ignore.

Abuse of self is high, were does the self love enter? As we looked further afield we begun to see this issue amongst others everywhere. Forgetting to love themselves on their quest of love and money or perhaps love of money.

Here at Riat we aim to bring harmony on every level, we aim to teach and inspire you to find your true soul path. We understand that every one is different, which is why our vision is broad.

A human is conceived, a baby is born , a baby is only ever pure and beauty.

So at what point did you forget how beautiful you are? Who or what made you forget?

Surely if you are so precious at birth,why are you not treated as such as you grow?

Surely I could not be to blame for the way that I deal with my pain? Who or what taught me this way?

Why did I keep it and not let it go? Was it the hate that greeted me as tears crossed my face? Surely in that moment it was a feel of distaste, it got me in my chest.

Biting my tongue I tried my best. To resist temptation and be calm in the moment. My lips are sealed my emotion suppressed.

I looked back and realised this was the universe’s test…
No duplication of any type or printed versions of the article or poetry without the explicit permission of Riat Erotica.

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