Self Love Part 1

What is Self Love? What is Love of Self ?

It sounds complicated and difficult, it’s almost like one of those things you know you have to do, but are not always bothered to make it a priority. How important do you really think you are?

Highly important I should hope!

If not, please start to ask yourself why? Question what it is about your lifestyle and relationships with your fellow humans that’s hindering you.

Look at how much time you are actually giving out to others instead of focusing on yourself. Often we become caught up in the motions of life, often going from one day to the next in a series of blurs. Only stepping out when it becomes too heavy to bare. At this point escapism is your best friend. You’ve worked out your exit strategy, whether its a needed holiday or simply locking yourself away for a soak in the bath.

Why does it have to get to this stage ? Neglect of self ! Is the only answer…

You are not giving your mind or body a chance to just be at ease with itself, you are constantly on the go! If you don’t do it, who else will?

The amount of pressure that we apply to ourselves is tremendous, to be a figure for someone whether its being a parent, someone’s boss or even just caring for others. You must begin to find the balance! Time is running most of us ragged but is it not time, that we run it. Your day can be as long or as short as you make it if you actually begin to really value all of your time.

You will begin to realise time is so precious when you begin to live for yourself. Often in life we hear and we see but we still do not understand.

Death is the only thing we are certain of, so why do we wait until death takes someone we love or when we have drastic health scares to take action. I feel this is because sometimes we lack faith in ourselves in our abilities. We push what we feel to the side through fear of the unknown.

How many of you take the time to listen to your body, when your in situations or making decisions? You are your own blessing, if only you could see that. Many of us ask for things or answers and because we don’t believe in ourselves and trust in what we have been asking for we become miserable. Frustrated to the point where unhappiness rears it’s ugly head.

When you were born you were born of only beauty, light and love…

What made you forget your true beauty? This world, with its harsh experiences constantly making you stronger. Making you overcome obstacles you thought you could never, i wish many of you could see that your path is of a detrimental part of your beauty. Without it who would you be? So when you look at yourself in the mirror today remember your beauty, never let anybody make you feel less than you are. When people bring you down they are projecting their own unhappiness onto you, respectfully disengage for your own self. Stop feeding into other’s negative behaviours, the more we as nation begin to change our actions into positive only love can enter!

Take time for yourself, we only have one opportunity here on earth. When you truly begin to walk within your truth and true emotions things will fall to the side that no longer serve your higher self. The road to loving yourself is a tough one because it means addressing yourself and looking at your life in detail. Not overthinking it, just accepting and congratulating yourself on how far you have come.

I will be following on with a part 2 on self love so please click the follow button to stay updated.

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