Healing From Old Wounds

Hello All,

Thank you for taking the time to follow on from our short video on our Empowerment Page  .

When we speak about healing from old wounds, it sounds like hard work. It can be in fact the best work you have ever done on yourself. Taking some time out to work on yourself is so detrimental to self development. Many of us, often try to block out experiences and continue with day to day life. This can be become very painful within time. Allowing yourself to accept who you truly are is a hard but much needed first step.

When looking to build new relationships with someone, you must begin to work on yourself. Accepting your past and taking the lessons away as blessings. Why do we have to be so negative all the time, things end. That is life , it is how you deal with it and what you take from it. Think about the pain you went through and the strength it gave you. Often we ask for things and cannot cope when it materialises.

Your pain is yours and nobody can tell you how much it hurts or how deep that wound goes. It is yours. We often get caught in expectations of others because we feel that they can automatically detect that there’s an issue. Having expectations of other’s is one of our biggest downfalls. Expect nothing from anyone and you will begin to realise and appreciate when special things occur in your life.

The art of conscious thinking is detrimental when going through the healing process. Be aware of the thoughts that are coursing through your mind, what is your brain frustrated with? What is your heart trying to tell you or perhaps its trying to get you to release an emotion.

Within society currently, emotions are becoming something people are increasingly fearful to discuss with others. However you are an emotional creature, emotions govern our actions as human beings leading to our ACTIONS. Actions will always bring reactions on a physical and energetic level. Whilst we may not be aware of the power of the words that leave our mouth or the self hate we can pour into ourselves. We must begin to acknowledge what we are giving out to others , and begin to question if what your receiving is no less than what you are pouring out.

Learning to love yourself unconditionally comes with time and patience, it is something that you can master. Once you have a level of self worth, you will begin to understand why you had to experience situations. When making these realisations, write them down so that you can reflect back and look at your progress.

The main reason for this particular article has been the increasing amount of people that are wanting to embark on a romantic journey but are struggling to let go. I cannot stress enough the importance of healing from a relationship before going into another, this also applies sexually.

Many people think that the term rebound is useful and detrimental to you moving on. It is not, and is a way of hiding your pain and calls for comfort. When you are in a state of pain , why would you seek comfort sexually from a stranger? 9/10 times people are left feeling hurt and even more confused than when they had the initial idea to rebound. The word rebound means something is coming back (I threw the ball and it rebounded and hit me in the face ). So think about it in terms of your emotions, your running from them. What happens when they decide to hit you back ? Emotions will often come back in double fold, the more you ignore them the harder they will hit you back.

Forgiveness of self is something that people are afraid of, they feel like they cannot forgive themselves for being apart of something that hurt them deeply. Wonderful people I need to share this with you, you are love you only learned the lack of love in others throughout your experiences of life. Learn to forgive yourself as you cannot begin to forgive others for their actions towards you. There will always be a feeling of uneasiness or resentment when you try to pave over the gaps of pain that your experiencing. We will be creating a specialised mediation for forgiveness of self. This will aid you in the healing process.

We have a special directory which is forever growing on our blog if you would like further assistance. We like to encourage self preservation and respect of self. Do not feel that the baggage of the past will be with you forever, it will not control you, if you do not give it the power.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read our blog and if you ever wish to seek guidance and do not know where to turn please email riaterotica@gmail.com

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