Hello I’m Laylah Chapter 5

I stood there for a moment, taking it all in. I glanced around his apartment. It was so beautiful. The moon was out shining in all its beauty. I felt liberated. In that moment I felt like a goddess in all her beautiful glory. This is what I had been searching for. It wasn’t about the attraction it was about how I felt about myself.

Tyler’s face was lit up, he was gleaming with excitement with what was about to happen. Although I didn’t have any clue myself what I was about to unleash on him. I just know that he was never going to forget this moment.

I told him to stand him up, pulling him as close to me as I could. His dick was pressing into me, it had me tingling so bad. I could barely contain myself. I ran my fingers down his neck, kissing him gently. As I started to bite him gently, he gripped my waist and my ass. I worked my way down his body until I reached his chest. I slid my hands inside of his shorts, grabbing him. He sighed as if it were the best relief his had in months. He looked me in the eyes and smiled as I continued to kiss and lick my way down to his spectacular manhood. It was way more than I had expected. In fact, it looked like what I had been looking for. Something delectable for me to wrap my mouth around.  

I looked up at him as I began tasting the tip of his manhood. I could tell he had been deprived for quite a while, he looked like he wanted to devour me in every way. I continued licking, as I sucked him into my mouth, he let out a groan almost a roar.

That sound, he had just awakened something within me that I wasn’t sure could be contained. started sucking him so fast, I thought I was going to choke. I looked up at him, he was speechless.

“Are you trying to make me cum?” He asked breathlessly.

“Why Tyler the night is only just beginning, do you think it would be wise to disappoint me so soon?” I replied sarcastically.  I pushed him onto the chair and sat on top of him. Teasing him with anticipation.

I whispered in his ear, in order to get inside of me Tyler. You have to prove you have enough stamina to keep up…..

Chapter 6



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