Hello I’m Laylah Chapter 4

When we get out of bed everyday and step into our shoes for the day, it’s not always the path that you choose. Sometimes it is that very path that chooses you. Evolving into the woman that I am came at a very high cost, it involved going through a soul changing process. That can be painful, overtime it becomes easier as it becomes apart of the daily routine. Numbing you almost. It was not the pain I feared, it was what came next. The unknown.

Laylah R Taylor

Tyler looked me in the eyes and said, “Are you ready to explore something new Laylah, something you have never encountered before?”

“Do you dare to teach me Tyler?” I replied biting my lip subtly. He stripped the rest of me, taking his time. Running his finger tips down the nape of my neck, pressing his lips against me. Hardly kissing me but still taking my breath away with every movement. As he reached my buttons to my jeans, he proceeded to invade my mouth with his tongue, making me groan.

Tyler’s eyes were so intense with passion, I could hardly look at him. I wanted to do very bad things to him, Afterall the lack of sex was surely to blame for all this frustration. Whilst he was very much in control for this moment, I was about to change things for my own pleasure.

As he slid my trousers off, he began kissing my legs gently biting me, until he reached my inner thigh. He began to lick me slowly teasing me, he reached up to play with my breasts as he used the other hand to slowly slide his fingers inside of me. My back arched, he pushed my legs further apart and began to lick me in a series of motions, it felt like nothing I had ever experienced. I breathed in, I needed to let the sensation hit me. I grabbed his neck and pushed his mouth closer to me I wanted him to taste me, all of me. As I orgasmed at the greatest heights, I pushed him away.

I looked at Tyler with my most daring smile, I know he could see what I was feeling. He was bulging out of his boxers and I was positively happy!  “Sit Down Tyler” I demanded. He sat before I had even finished saying his name. He had an incredible smile. 

It’s My Turn now…

Chapter 5



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