Sex Vs Spiritual Connections

Whilst many out there are aware of the potency of intercourse, there are many out there that do not. If they do they may choose to ignore it.

Is this for the greater good of the higher self? Must you deal with a trail of baggage that you did not ask for? Well sex is the greatest keeper of invisible baggage. As soon as you begin the act of intercourse, when a man enters a woman. You as the woman are vulnerable to him, you are weakened physically emotionally and spiritually. When a man enters a woman his mind is weakened as is his body, he gives to a woman his greatest strength when he ejaculates. You exchange energy on a deeper level that often is not thought about. You are in essence sharing the load.

Why do we choose to ignore this important exchange? Do you not question why your day or week may go pear shaped, or perhaps you don’t feel right. But you cannot put your finger on why. Begin to look at your energy exchange, How did you feel? Was it intense? What part of yourself did you just give to this person.

Begin too look closely at those you chose to share your intimate moments with, question whether your needs are truly being met. We often hide what we really want in order to please one another. What if you decided to be truthful in your desires ? Where would they lead you? When you decide to form a partnership with someone or marriage it is essential , that you learn to understand each other’s sexual needs. This doesn’t just mean how they like to be touched, its about knowing what calms your partner enough mentally to indulge in passionate experiences.

If you are single, things are even more difficult. How does one sustain from the act of sex? Dating in this generation is becoming more and more difficult because everything is not as it seems. When interacting with others, there is always this need to paint wonderful pictures. When underneath lies something not so eye catching.

I would like you to think, what if you were to be yourself? What if you were to embrace who you are and encourage that person to do the same. It is time as people that we begin to appreciate each other for who we are. When lies are told or the truth is exaggerated, problems begin to occur. The trust factor becomes broken before it even begins to form.

How do we break out of this cycle in order to build good healthy relationships? It begins with you, embracing who you are and what you will tolerate. Start implementing small changes do things that make you happy and do not settle for what you know you do not deserve. This is when the biggest heartbreaks occur, when we ignore that gut feeling that tells you this isn’t for you. Stop ignoring what your soul is telling you.

When you begin to connect to your higher self, this can be through meditations or even through exercises such as Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. You will begin to listen to yourself more. For those of you wanting to manifest love we have an article that will highlight this on Monday 11.02.2019.

We would like you to know that love is supposed to be UNCONDITONAL, it means that you accept and acknowledge someone for who they are without judgement. It also means that you can step away if you feel that it is not for you in a way that is filled with love. Loving unconditionally does not mean you tolerate something that makes you unhappy, it means you have the ability to love that person and yourself enough to remove yourself from a toxic situation or environment.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. We will be discussing this topic in more depth in the near future.


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