Hello Im Laylah Chapter 3

His lips felt like satin as they brushed against my skin, I felt a sense of guilt mixed with the deepest realms of pleasure. Would I be crazy if I sat back and enjoyed this moment. He moved my hair from my face, looking me intently in the eyes, I was lost in the moment. I was in engaged with his presence, he had my skin wondering with desire and temptation.

I allowed him to kiss my lips, with that he tilted my head back and let me feel his passion. A lips were joined for moments but it feel like the universe stood still. I could hardly contain what I was experiencing, he pulled me up off the bench and pulled me close to him, so close I could hardly breathe. The type of hug that makes you feel safe, secure and highly aroused all at once.

Tyler was the type to make you feel like your walking on air and also like your about to skydive. The sensations I was experiencing were exhilarating. To think I could be tucked up in bed right now doing absolutely nothing, my next thought was , what else could do he do with those lips and seductive tongue.

He touched my fingers and led me to the sofa, he laid me down on my back and proceeded to kiss my neck, pulling my bra straps down slowly, watching my body react to his every movement he smiled. With one hand he undid my bra, sliding it off to the floor. My skin exposed to this man, a man that the universe propelled into my life, as our eyes connected he leaned in to kiss my breasts and seduce me with his tongue covering my nipples making me groan deeper…..

Tyler looked me in the eyes and said “Are you ready to explore something new Laylah something you have never encountered before?”

“Do you dare to teach me Tyler?”……..

Chapter 4 commences on 11.02.18


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