Hello I’m Laylah Chapter 2

I decided to go out for a quiet drink , sink into a book perhaps. It was one of those evenings, I felt restless. I went out to a local pub, It always had a nice atmosphere. I went and found a quiet corner to relax in and before I knew it , someone was trying to get my attention. It was him, that same man that had asked me for a drink , that I of course at the time politely declined.

I found it ironic , that we happened to be in the same situation where I have no exit strategy or excuse in place. After all I was in a pub. He kindly offered me a drink and we engaged in a delightful conversation about his passion for music. I was interested, fascinated even. He seemed to be captured in his own universe. This man was something different, something more than I first imagined.

I was curious by this point , I wanted to know more. As if hearing my thoughts, he invited me to his apartment to listen to some music and look at his art collection. I considered declining, what fun would that be ? To go home and go to bed. I felt something within that said go ahead take the leap. I agreed to go, I text a friend to fill her in and send the address being safe is always key!

As we sat in the taxi, I thought about how crazy I was being. How random, how exciting, how thrilling it all felt. Wherever could the night lead? Jonathan was a very attentive man he had a nice physique from what I could see, a deep passion for creativity and a very charming smile. As we stepped out of the taxi, he was sure to hold the door like a true gentlemen.

I walked beside him into an apartment building, it was rather beautiful. When we got inside of his apartment, I was amazed to see the vast amount of records he had alongside books. He was creative and knowledgeable a beautiful combination. He showed me to his living room, he had a exquisite grand piano to which he asked if he could play me a song. I was honoured to sit beside him, he fingers graced the keyboard as if he were in love. The sound of the keys were enough to make anyone’s spine tingle. His music was moving to the core. So much that I leaned into him ever so slightly, he placed one arm on my lower back and stroked my spine so gently. I felt it in my toes, what was this ease ? This relaxation was taking over me I couldn’t stop myself. I let his fingers trace my back, I let his lips kiss my neck….

Chapter 3 will be published Tonight 9pm – The steamy affair begins


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