Why Should You Wake Up Early?

Is that even a question? Who wants to wake up early ? Why be subjected to even earlier hours, followed by an even longer day. Well what if we told you, your day could become easier, better even.

When you wake up early, your brain functions are higher you have time to prepare for your day instead of rushing. What if you used that first 20 minutes at 6.30 am for instance, just to meditate or sing your favourite songs. How would you like to feel for the rest of the day?

Often we roll out of bed with no expectations of the day, however what if we choose how the day will go. Set your intentions of what you want out of your precious 24 hours, be clear on how you will go about it. And most importantly think about how you will disperse any negative energy that comes your way.

Positive energy disperses any negativity, when you are faced with situations learn to greet it with a smile or reflect back to that person how you feel. If it is circumstantial then write it down and let it go.

When you wake up early you allow yourself the opportunity to own your day and make it truly what you want.

We have this wonderful link for those of you wanting some scientific facts on this ridiculous question. After all seeking happiness is apart of our daily routine.


We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback if you are an early riser. Please leave a comment or email us at riaterotica@gmail.com


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