Hello I’m Laylah

She was forever lost in her own world, thinking of what could be next. Whilst the air breathed stillness and obstacles crumbled away, there was still something missing.

She felt this insatiable desire to venture out once more into the unknown. Her world had only just healed from a series of storms, only leaving thunder erupting in her soul. She had learned a great deal but felt it was time to reignite her flames of desire. Little did she know the thing that she ached for was right in front of her face. She just had to reach out and grab it.

When one understands loss only then can they truly understand love. That was a lesson I learned in an excruciating way. I had been through quite a blizzard and a fatal tsunami. I felt like there was no more to be had from this place we call earth and this thing we call life. Its tiresome I often used to say to myself. How can one feel so defeated when there is so much to be had ?

Do you see the catch here? Tired of trying, too guilty too give up. It’s a funny thing love isn’t it. Sometimes it has conditions although I guess that defeats the objective of love. How can you love with restraint?

I had reached an incredible shift within , i no longer wanted to experience love with boundaries or conditions. Can you imagine there being such a thing!

It exists. I took 2 years to just be myself and be free of anything and everything that I felt was holding me back. It was refreshing….

That’s what leads me on to my new chapter. A daring step into the unknown, something is unfolding.

It all started with, would you like to go for a drink…

I looked up at this man and that was it, i for the first time had become speechless. He had a dominant tone, with the softest of words…

I could already imagine what his capabilities were. The question was,am I ready to explore the unknown….

Part 2 Monday 4th February


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