For The Love Of Crystals

Your probably wondering what an earth crystals have to do with sex and intimacy, well they have a lot to do with it. They can help relax you , release blockages in your energy the can also help increase libido! Shocking stuff I know. Below you will find a list of crystals that we have called the magical 5. Most of these crystals will be available to purchase through our amazon store over the next few weeks.

First up we have the love of the universe  Rose Quartz, the romance crystal. It will help you open up your heart and allow your defenses to lower in order to let an unconditional love fill you. Be open to receiving, this crystal is about more than creating romance between partners. It is about re-igniting the flames within yourself.


Up next is Pink Tourmaline, this wonderful crystal stimulates libido. It helps you release in a way that you connect with. This crystal is the one you need to give you a small push into the flow of passion.


We now have one of my personal favorites moonstone, this particular crystal works particularly with feminine energy. It will give you strength, clear the way for communication. It will help you re-connect with the goddess within you allowing your pure beauty to shine. In addition it is a wonderful aid to re-kindling romance and igniting flames of passion into the bedroom.


We are now leading on to Carnelian, this crystal is quite intense when the energy settles in. The carnelian works incredibly with the sacral chakra, it helps aid impotence and stamina. So if your looking for a wild night. Try placing some carnelian around your bed.


Lastly we have one more for the men smoky quartz. It helps both men and women by allowing relaxation to flow. It can bring your emotional barriers down that prevent you from becoming intimate. It can help you feel more acceptance about sex and your body. It also helps to clear old energy.


We hope you have enjoyed this mini snapshot into how crystals can aid and assist you in your love life. You will soon be able to purchase our handpicked crystals via our amazon store. The link for this can be found on our homepage. There are many natural ways to increase your sex drive and passion. Apart of it begins with yourself. Self love is a very important factor in intimacy, how can you expect someone to pour all their love into you, when you are unsure of how you want to be loved. Take some time with yourself, its not a crime. 

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