There was so much passion ,

So much to explore

So much I needed to know

Affection is all I could show

My universe collided with yours

Abruptly and fast paced how could we be sure

But we knew it , the pang in my heart was so immense

As your fingertips touched mine

Electric it sparked

Joining our hearts together

Imprinting a memory I’ll never forget

For all I could feel was love

Acceptance of the person that stood before me

The only sadness that filled me over time

Was that although the emotion of love never faded

My soul was hurting

For he truly did not see me

The days when I’m sad or when my heart bleeds harder than usual

Should he not know

Maybe I show to much

Feel to much

Maybe it was I, that was wrapped in a blinded love

Expect that sometimes you will be disappointed in love

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