Risqué Business

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I had enjoyed an incredible day at the spa, I needed it I was desperate to relieve all the tension and stress that I had been undergoing recently. My partner and I were experiencing some issues, it’s almost like there’s no trust anymore, there’s no passion. I feel like I’m stuck, trapped even. What made today so different. I was tired, I felt drained, today was about making myself feel like a brand-new woman all over again.


I remember the days when I used to dress up, I used to put on the most seductive lingerie. I used to wear the heels, the make-up. I used to do it all. I even used to be that very freaky female that no man could ever deny. It all changed one day, the day I met my partner. I wanted to be freaky, I wanted to be a filthy dirty girl all the time. Just for him mind you. I used to wake him up in the morning with my mouth, I used to iron his clothes and make him breakfast. Was it that I did too much, that he could not appreciate what was on the table.


I mean, you wake your man up in the morning by tasting the tip of his manhood slowly, teasing him, hearing him groan. The way he groans use to make me soaking wet, the most liberating feeling a woman can have is knowing that she has turned her man all the way on. I used to suck his cock like I was trying to make love to his soul. But then it all took a very disastrous turn. I woke up one morning, his phone had 37 missed calls. My heart skipped a beat, I always thought something was wrong but how can you accuse when there is no proof. I froze for a moment as I didn’t want what I was about to discover to become part of my immediate reality.


This morning was the morning that I decided that I wanted to make my marriage work, it was this very morning that I got up and made his favoriterisque business food. I wore the new underwear that he said that he loved. I became ready to let go of all my reservations about our relationship. But then we come back to those 37 missed calls, if I look at the screen will it seal the fate of our relationship?


Next Chapter 10.01.2019


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