Buffy Meets Curved Steele – Part 3 The House Event

I was back home, it was time to wake the girls up and get them inside. Oliver and I exchanged numbers , he kissed me once more and got out to open my door. His last words for the evening were , look out for the surprise coming your way. Tomorrow is the first day of a thrilling encounter Buffy , will you take a chance with me ?

It was 6.AM, hanging was an understatement. I should truly be asleep, wrapped up in my kingsize duvet. Instead I was taking off my make-up in the mirror, I ran a hot bubble bath and climbed in to my own mini pool of heaven. I tilted my head back , gleamed at the ceiling and sighed deeply. My soul had been lit, he literally threw a match and here I am ablaze with passion. I pondered for a moment on one particular thought, did I actually like him or did I like the look of him. Those are two very different things and oh boy did I know it. I guess today would reveal all. I stayed in the bath for what felt like an hour , I needed sleep and many hours of it. After all I need my energy for later.

I woke around 2pm, I felt rejuvenated. I glanced at my phone I had 8 missed calls and 15 messages. Is this really life, can no one live without me for a few hours. 6 of those calls and 12 messages were from the girls and the others were from him , Oliver whoops Mr Steele. They said , Buffy I had a nice time meeting you last night. I know things are slightly crazy because of that, but there’s somewhere I’d like to take you tonight. Let me know if it’s okay to come and pick you up at 7pm. (Okay so guys , I have literally just done 4 cartwheels and 6 backflips in my head.) The excitement is too much I almost forgot to reply back eeeek! So, the question is what do I even send back. So I hype myself up in the mirror. I say c’mon girl you can be cool , not to eager but not to cold either. I’ve got this.

I reply and say, Good Afternoon Mr Steele. It was nice meeting you last night too. Tonight sounds like a good idea. What do you recommend I wear ? As you haven’t said where were going :). I was highly surprised with his prompt response which was, wear whatever your comfortable in. Im taking you to dinner. I was highly impressed, clearly now I had to give his interior a chance to show me what it was made of. I told him I was going to start getting ready, which should just give me enough time to speak to all of the girls and decide what I was wearing.

As the day rushed past me in a blur of giddiness and sexy thoughts, I was finally ready.

I chose a backless knee-length dress, It had long sleeves but hugged the body in all the right places. I chose my nude courts and my matching bag to accompany it with a nude coloured draped coat. I had on silver jewellery and my Givenchy perfume. I think I looked nice, not to over the top. I watched the last bit of Hollyoaks , before the door rang. He was early. Even if it was only by 3 minutes. His a bit keen, okay that did actually make me laugh out loud. I opened the door, to be greeted by a box of red roses. From the company that I’d always dreamed someone would buy me roses from. My smile gave me away terribly, he was winning me over so fast I could hardly contain myself. I offered him something to drink, but he said we should go to the restaurant.

As he opened the door to car for me, I was completely amazed. I sat in that passengers seat feeling boujee and care free. As we drove, he asked me quite a few questions about my life and family which made a change from the usual conversations starters. Such as how many boyfriends have you had? When did you last have sex? Blah Blah Blah.  We arrived at this beautiful waterfront restaurant , it was a sight that would have mad any female cry. But not me I had to maintain my cool appearance. He was being rather vanilla in conversation, I suppose that’s to keep up with the gentlemen act. He was giving me what I needed instead of what I wanted. He was stimulating my mind , with tactful questions and humour were it was necessary. This guy was a pro. Was I out of my league , how did he do this dating thing so well. Im not complaining as I’d be lost right now.

The dinner table was highly intense , as we were seated in a booth he sat right beside me. As soon as he sat beside me my thigh started twitching, it was very irritating. He was giving my leg butterflies. Is that even a thing? We ordered food I had 2 glasses of wine , and away we were. The conversation flowing at an easy pace, my mind relaxed and at ease with this man named Oliver Steele. My Mr Steele. If I could, I would have taken him right there on the table. It was as if he could hear my thoughts as he asked if I were ready. I told him I hadn’t had my dessert yet, but he could use his imagination if he really wanted to make me happy.

We drove to the outskirts of london , until we came to a big house with black iron gates. He stopped outside and pushed a button. The gates opened , and my eyebrows raised. I asked him if this was his house and he said yes it was. He got out the car first and opened my door, holding my hand all the way to the front steps. As he opened the door to his home, he picked me up closed the door with his foot and carried me to the kitchen. He said he had promised me dessert which is exactly what I would have. He took some whipped cream and strawberry sauce out of the fridge. He placed them down beside me and savaged me with his tongue, pulling my hair back I let out a small groan. He pulled my dress off and pushed me back onto the counter. I had on a strapless black bra with lace thongs to match my nails and toes were painted black. As his eyes scanned my body that was it , Mr Steele was out to play.

He sucked my breasts into his mouth paying close attention to them both, he ran his fingers down my spine. Making my back arch in pure pleasure, he kissed me all the way down. Running his tongue down towards my navel my legs wouldn’t keep still. He held my legs gently as he took the top off the whipped cream he squeezed a line from my breasts down to my very wet pussy. Which I must say was aching for every single piece of him to be inside of me. The lion itself leapt out of him , as he touched me with his tongue. Every lick every bite every suck was like electric through my body. He parted my legs once again and ran his tongue all over my clit, making me groan loud and hard. His tongue made me orgasm over and over. That was before he had even had me, like truly had me.

I wanted to be as bad as I could, I wanted to taste him. I wanted to lick him all over I wanted him to groan for me , I wanted him to feel oooh so good. I pushed him away , with a mean look on my face. I told him it was his turn, but I wanted him to feed me. I wanted him to feed me that juicy hard cock right into my mouth, I wanted to see his eyes roll as my tongue touched his cock. He pulled my hair and made sure that I tasted every single inch of him.

Part 4 next week 6.02.2017

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