Buffy Meets Curved Steele – Part 1 The House Event

It was my first night out in London , excited was a huge understatement. I was the type to stay home all the time a boring cow, pretty much sums it up. Tonight the girls had told me there was no other option , but to get dressed and get in the mood to let my hair down I shopped all the time online , a slight addict if I must say. I had dresses and shoes to choose from, but this was different. Tonight I wanted to remember this night for the rest of my life. Imagine being 25 and the only place you ever party was your balcony or the kitchen, although the bottles did rack up I was utterly bored. My desires couldn’t be held back any more, there were so many things I’d imagined and it was time I found a suitable suitor to match me.

My girls were a crazy bunch of females, Stacey , Tanika and Tanya. We have all known each other since we were kids, I’ve always been the quiet one. But what’s that saying ? It’s always the quiet ones. I had these sexy black leather hot pants and  this sexy black bralet that even made me say damn when I looked in the mirror. This night out , was a house night. Firstly Im a house freak , anything to do with house is my thing. And of course to match my outfit , I had a sexy fresh box pair of black , shiny hi top converses with thick chunky laces. My whole outfit was black with a gorgeous silver choker to match my anklet and bracelet. Before we called the cab, it was drinks time. I looked amazing , so did my girls. We were about to make heads turn , eyes roll and tongues talk. After 1 bottle of champagne and half a bottle of brandy in shots it was time to leave.

We called an UBER , Ive never UBERED , I lost my Uberginity Lol. So the cabman said , ladies I have an Aux lead and some wicked speakers who’s plugging in first. Of course it had to be house every weekend, I wanted to feel the bass going through my soul, pumping me ready to be surrounded by people, lights and a sound that would shake my entire universe. As we arrived at the venue I could see a line of people , a feeling took over me. Almost as if I needed to be here , the timing  was right. We joined the queue and it wasn’t long before we were inside. The energy was so intense , I felt the fire inside of me dance with the music all the way through to my feet. I wanted a drink , me and the girls head to the bar. Linking arms all the way, we buy 2 bottles of ciroc which should definitely last an hour or so , followed by bottles of water. The girls made a toast , for me finally getting my arse out of the house and into civilisation. I could feel a heat surge through my back , almost as if someone was staring so hard I could feel  it. As I spun around , there he was I smiled discreetly hardly making eye contact , and I went into dance , cutting shapes feeling the music take me there to my special place. Tanya grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear “That guy has been watching you for ages , his trying to get your attention “. I told her that if he wanted my attention he needed to make his presence felt.

I turned my back towards him once more , and poured us all another drink. I felt alive and free, is this what I had been missing out on. An amazing atmosphere that just made me happy all over.As I went for the bottle , I felt someone standing behind me and then an arm place another 3 bottles down with many cups. It was him, making his presence felt, I bit my lower lip hard , It was as if I had met him somewhere before, I could feel it. He made me wet instantly , as he whispered in my ear I had butterflies I was floating on the inside. He told me his name was Oliver but if I was a good girl it would be Mr Steele. Everything that I had dreamed, I feel was about to become a reality. As I sipped another Ciroc and Cranberry I felt his arm around my waist leading me away, I told the girls I was going for air. I definitely needed some and a cigarette and just to take it all in. This handsome , sexy guy wanted my full attention, as we entered into the smoking area he took his lighter out  and lit two cigarettes, he handed me mine and as he did. He said your name is now Buffy , my Buffy.

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