7 days of Christmas kink – Kurt and Lisa part 2

We are at our floor, when we stepped out it was dead quiet. We were the first ones in that day, I took his hand and lead him to an office. I pushed him inside and locked the door. I couldn’t take anymore interruptions I just needed every piece of this powerful man. Right here , Right now !
I took off my satin scarf that was elegantly draped around my neck. I leaned in towards him as if it was a kiss instead. I ran my hands down his arms until I reached his hands in mine. I tied his arms behind the chair he was stuck. There was nothing he could do.

I pulled my skirt up to just under my breasts and then I sat on his lap my legs over his. Firmly on his lap I started feeling his bulge grow harder in his trousers. I unbuttoned my shirt around 4 buttons down, I took my breasts out and started massaging them right in front of him. He could look but couldn’t touch , unless I fed him. By this point his mouth was so eager to indulge in me, I unzipped his trousers and took out his thick juicy dick. It was rather amazing. Hi 5 I said to my inner freak. As I pull myself up just enough to sit down right on him, I let him lick my tits and suck on my nipples until he groaned.

He wanted so much but I think what I was about to get back was very little. As I sat slowly down I was moving my waist so that his dick would slide inside of me smoothly. And when I did I had to cover his mouth. The moan that he let out could have been heard by anyone, and we really didn’t need to get caught.

All this built up frustration was taking its toll on me, I wanted to cum all over him. Mostly because I hadn’t had a good session for sooo long, and he had my attention , because we never ever spoke a word to each other. But our sexual chemistry sang a thousand words. He was definitely not going to forget me or this thrilling experience any time soon.

I stood up and crouched down in front of him. Our eyes met and we were in a deadlock gaze. I ravished his dick with the tip of my tongue , keeping this intense gaze going. Were my eyes went his followed. I teased him over and over until I was sure he was going to cum.

A wave of disappointed shuddered through my soul. This was wrong, it was fun but very wrong. That feeling demolished my intensity. It washed it away, like there was no attraction in the first place.

I stood , untied him and I put my satin scarf back around my neck. I grinned and left him sitting there hard as rock completely confused. I told him, he better hurry and get dressed. For its almost time for work and I’m sure the office is open now. I gave him a cheeky wink. And that was that, I let myself out

I strolled into the bathroom to compose myself. And because I didn’t get any sexual satisfaction I use my rocks off bullet to please myself. I must say sometimes ladies it’s better to just do it yourself.

Kurt was a man of lust and that was all. The best thing I could have done was enjoy the lust.


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