Introducing Eden Part 2

So now you know I enjoy working my way up, teasing you, tempting you, taking you to that point where you overload and eventually explode. I love it when you nipples are firm, aching and screaming to be squeezed and bitten. I love it when you become wild and frantic, when you moan and groan uncontrollably with pleasure and arouse the neighbours. The sight of you gyrating, scramming  and begging for more, the feel of you scratching my back and pulling on my hair. The aroma that envelops the room as I skilfully take to the cusp of ecstasy.
At that point I to am swollen red and ready but there is always much more to our encounters and always another twist for even more heart thumping pleasure.
I interrupt my  journey up the back of your inner thigh and lead you to the bed, you clutching me helplessly as if unable to keep standing. I held you close and laid you face first onto the bed and whispered, “Do you trust me?” You responded with a stammer “Ye..ah”.

I then gently move my hands over  your back and circling  your already propped up bum chicks. Slowly moving my left hand between your legs, you instinctively spread them exposing your juicy plump, overflowing pussy. The sight of it exponentially increased my heart rate but I calmly back off the bed and out of the room leaving you momentarily  lying there perhaps wondering, What the ….?
I  quickly run down stairs to the front door got my surprise and quietly re-entered the room. Must say you are very obedient. You laid there patiently in anticipation with moving or covering up. She to was stunned by you beautiful slender body. How every curve seem to will her onto the bed beside you with no hesitation scooped right in without any prompt or instructions from me. For a moment I was a mere spectator I what began as a feast of a pride of lioness.
She was tall, with a Brazilian tan, legs, hips and lips to die for. Here she was devouring your wet moistened pussy right in front of me, with absolutely no regard to what I was doing or thinking. On initially when her lips made contact with your engorged pussy I notice your surprise, a tense moment,  you knew it was not me,  you were tempted  to turn around. However, the pleasure and excitement this new addition intrigued you so much that you, loosen up and canning indulged. I stood back and Simply capture every stimulating and scintillating  second of this début moment. I was in awe of how quickly she expertly charmed you and ease you into a violently orgasm. I was green with envy but pleased that you so thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your surprise encounter.


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