The day after that night (Part 4 )

My mind was reeling , I curled up in bed with my pillows around me my soft plush cushions and my eyes were just staring at the box. It had been all my idea to start these kinky nights , could I really back out now? I could see there was a wild side to him the first time I met him little did I know how deep it went. Then there was Leela to consider, how would she feel knowing the man she thinks she loves , is a complete sex freak and is pursuing her younger sister so that we can explore each others sexual boundaries. Well that’s quite something to get your head round even for a normal person let alone your sister. I couldn’t help the way he made me feel , like electric was surging through every point of my body he kept me on my toes so much my heart was in the sky and my stomach just floating with butterflies constantly. It’s not love that I feel but a deep dark lust that my body yearns for.

My phones buzzes Its a text from Mike asking where I am and what I’m doing ? We need to talk it says. So now if I thought my mind was reeling before it definitely is now , what could you want to talk about ? That sounds very formal. I rapidly reply to the message and go about pulling myself together into some day time attire. After about an hour I hear a knock on the door , here he is and he doesn’t look happy.

We had a fight , is the first thing that comes out of his mouth. I’m speechless as he usually has it all under control , it must of been something bad because his whole demeanour was different scary even. We went to the lounge and I poured him a whiskey , he was very quiet even when I handed him the drink. We sat in silence for moments until he began to unravel the events of what took place. Leela knows that im seeing someone, she doesn’t know that its you but it’s going to be hard to meet up.  I need you to visit her more talk to her so that she doesn’t ever find out. I am thinking about walking away , I can’t give you up , what we have is too incredible. You understand a side of me that I was scared to share with you that I craved day and night. (My mind is running about 150mph , so fine I like this guy , yes its a very fucked up situation. On the other hand hang on a second his gone and bloody caught those damn feelings WTF?) Listen Mike , our situation is how it is because we chose it to be this way, what we are doing is wrong on many levels. Regardless of whether you leave Leela, she is my sister I can’t date you on a serious level because we crossed so many boundaries.

Rihanne listen to me , I can’t walk away from you that’s like leaving a room filled with your every wish and leaving it all behind for nothing. This can’t all be for nothing we have something special and I messed up by putting you in this situation, there’s so much more for us to explore together (His walking towards me, damn those butterflies). He touches my cheek and leans in for a kiss , which I embrace so deeply feeling our souls connect as deeply as our lips. I pull away and tell him to go , it’s time to think about what your next move is and what choices you have and what direction your going in. When you have those answers Ill be waiting. Don’t keep me waiting forever though , time waits for no man.

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 5 – Coming Later Tonight Keep Your Eyes Peeled


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