Secrets of the night part 3 …

I enter the bathroom look myself dead in the eye and grin so hard when I see his glistening chest reflecting in the mirror. I arched my back so my bum looked sexy and peachy perfect for a good spanking , im staring into the sink I bite my lip as I feel his manhood push up against me. The groan I let out is so high glass could have shattered, the way he felt the way he ran his hands all over me , teased my clit with his fingers. Ecstasy was the only feeling coursing through my veins. With every thrust he went deeper and deeper feeling me , appreciating me and all my wet warmth. I peered into the mirror and his face was that of dead concentration, turning me on even more. He started spanking me and going faster with it, he even pulls my hair just a little. (Fucking love that be rough a bit, but sexy rough not that you wanna have a fight kinda rough, Make it hot!!)

I can tell his trying to contain his self so he stops , turning me around and pulling me on top of the sink. He wastes no time spreading my legs , running his hands over my tits and caressing my nipples, just how I like it!! Fuck !!! He feels so good, my nails dig deep and pull hard and that’s when I feel him get ready to go hard and release. He squeezes my bum hard pulling me into him as far as he could and we both groan at the same time. I grin very hard and climb straight into the shower. He just stands there watching me, almost as if he wanted to see inside of my soul.

I head back into the bedroom and throw something on, my phone starts flashing. It’s Leela my sister , when he comes back into the room he asks who is calling me. I said Leela, he tells me to switch it off for the night, so there are no interruptions as his phone is already off.

When a woman’s mind starts wondering it can be a dangerous thing especially to herself, now im sat here thinking is it fair to inflict that on someone else. The great sex , the fun times is it all really worth it for him ?  Mike is he really worth it…

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 4 – So there’s much more to find out about the magical mike, will rihanne , leela and mike still be talking to each other next week??? Will Rihanne and Mike still meet up for special box sessions ?

Find out next week Tuesday




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