Secrets Of The Night Part 2

When we reached the top of the stairs my heart was in my stomach and my stomach in my throat. The adrenalin that was coursing through my veins was unreal, I ran my fingers down his neck onto that sexy chest. My body started tingling all over, I wanted him was all I  could think. My finger’s kept on travelling until I reached that belt buckle , which I undone with no hesitations. I could feel him harden as I slid my hand inside of his boxers, at the same moment he gripped the back of my neck while I grabbed his dick and stroked it harder making him roar. “Stay there ” he demanded. I sat wide eyed with a beaming grin on my face, he was going to the special box. My special box of goodies I hide in my wardrobe in case of late night emergency’s.(Only For Use With Him) I couldn’t wait to see what he would take out of there.

He throws these on the bed and tells me to strap myself down!! I do believe it’s Playtime.


I’m as quick as I possibly can be and he helps me strap my last arm in, by this point he has no clothes on and his body is glistening in the moon light seeping through my curtain. If a river could run we would be waist deep by now. I look something like this now. n9856-fsog_completely_his_bed_spreader-4

Im completely at his will, he goes to the bottom of the bed and starts kissing in between my thighs gently working his way up closer and closer to my already distressed clit . He works his tongue over it in so many directions my toes could curl back through the bed. His fingers working their way up to my tits as he continues to caress the clitty clat, then he gains this sensational rhythm that makes me wanna scream so loud and cum so hard. He stops abruptly (like wtf who does that? ). He gets up and comes to the top of the bed were he is stroking a mighty hard piece of wood. No words spoken just the push of the tip into my mouth and his roaring again (which obviously makes me very happy). I have no power no control im stuck like this, until he climbs on top and invades the clitty all over again and I handle that wood with all the mouth I can. He spreads my legs open wider all the better to taste me with , I think anyway.

So he stops playing and tells me there was something else he took out of the box. The blindfold , my favourite object in the box. It means a night of adventure and adrenalin which let’s face it we all need sometimes. He unstraps me from the bed and blindfolds me.  His hands on my shoulders slowly weigh me down, so I slide to the floor and kneel. The rule is once the blindfold is on the body becomes ready for the adventure. So my mouth opened and the licking commenced I  ran my hands up and down his legs as I let my tongue do all the work , his fingers pushing into my hair pulling me deeper into him , my hearts racing. I let out some purrs while he roared fiercely letting himself go coming down to his knee’s to face me taking off my blindfold. I wipe my mouth and he kisses me with full force grabbing my ass, he pulls me up so fast I can hardly catch my breath. Kissing me all over, to the bathroom we go……

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 3 – How they met and what they did.

It’s all becoming clear that these 2 are a kinky bunch but is it really as it seems.

Find out next week Tuesday

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