Secrets of the night PART 1

As the clock struck 12 , my eyes were burning I was tired but not quite ready to sleep. I closed my eyes for a while and let myself drift away. I found myself being woken to a knock on the door. My heart was beating, my vision blurry. WTF is the time , why would someone be at my door at this ridiculous hour. So I get up barely pulling on a gown to cover myself ,  I glance through the peep hole and it was him.

The palpitations in my chest were growing stronger I could have passed out, I wanted to be sick a little but my stomach was having the craziest butterflies my legs were twinging. Then the brain kicked in, get the door woman. So I unlocked the door and just kinda stood there with my head down gown open, glints of bare flesh showing.

There’s no noise,  no hello , no nothing just silence. I can see his shoes I smile trying not to give it away , then the door closes. Its time!

I back slowly up the hallway to the stairs and when I feel the banister press against my back I know im in the right place. I look up and I see his face, that handsome, delicious face. You know one of those faces were its hard to not grin at because you have so many naughty thoughts flying around your head. He starts walking slowly towards me, and my heart starts beating so fast , if it could fly it would be out the door. My heart could explode as his face touches mine.

He wraps his arm around my waist and squeezes me deep and tight, I can feel it . His hearts beating fast too , he leaned in and said ‘Have you been waiting for me?’ . He moved his hand to my lower back and picked me up , walking me up the stairs…

*These stories are not real and have been written by imagination only for the sole use of Roar Im A Tiger *

Part 2 will come next week Tuesday

Who is the guy? Who is the girl? What’s about to happen and is it what you really think ?

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