Eliza’s Roar Affair Chapter 2

My soul was on fire, the heat that was coursing through me was intense. I needed his touch, his words. I needed him to direct me. I was on my knees like a naughty girl, I was thriving off every second of it. I am of course wet as could be. Demitrie stood infront of me, he told me to stand very slowly. As I did, his hand gripped my waist. He turned me around before I had time to register, he pushed me forward so that my hands were against the wall. He started to run his fingers down my spine, kissing my neck slowly. He unzipped my dress with no effort at all, as he guided me out of it. I saw this deep intense look in his eyes. I then noticed a bulge in his trousers. I wanted him, every single piece of him. I guess he must have noticed were my eyes were directed, so he told me to undo his trousers and unbutton his shirt. I was hesitant, but so very desired to see what was underneath. I did as I was told. As his trousers dropped to the floor, his boxers were a mouth-watering sight of juiciness. This is when things got very heated, he told me to lay down on the bed. I also got the option to choose 1 toy that I wanted to play with. I chose the small vibrator, he told me to lay back on the bed, take off my panties and turn the toy on.

In the back of my mind negative sue , had started to kick in. You shouldn’t  be doing this, your naked infront of a man  you hardly know. Now your legs are about to open up and expose all of your forbidden flesh to  this man. Now the overwhelming emotions that I was feeling, sent my body into override. I no longer cared. He stared at me straight in the eyes. I could feel myself becoming wetter by the second. He told me to turn the toy on and start playing with it. So again I could feel this burst of excitement. I looked him back in the eyes with a seductive grin, I switched it on and ran that vibrator all over my clit. It was so intense , that I was making all kinds of noises. What really done it for me was when he took his boxers off. There was a whole 7 inches of manliness standing to attention. He was rock solid. I wanted to feel him so badly. He climbed on the bed and watched me pleasure myself for a few moments. He asked me If I was ready, I said of course Sir.

He parted my legs so that he could he slide inside of me. He pushed the tip right against me, teasing me. His tongue was running over my neck, biting me gently in between licks. His hands caressing my tits, with his lips brushing against my nipples making them so hard. I’m sure he could feel my juices flowing towards his manhood. He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled it. Making me arch my back, with one arm he holds my waist. He gazes into my eyes as I feel him push himself inside of me. I groaned so loud the walls will never forget me. He felt so amazing , I wrapped my legs around his waist. Letting him all the way in. He pulled my arms above my head and tied them together, I was his. There was nothing I could do, I just had to let him play with me. He pulled out to taste me, he massaged my clit with his tongue teasing me with just the tip of it. My legs were squirming, he held them still. I could tell his was enjoying himself, he was groaning. There’s nothing sexier than a man who makes noise in the bedroom, knowing his enjoying himself as much as you. When he was done, he told me to turn around and bend over and to hold onto the bar of the headboard. He positioned my back and legs to how he wanted. He slid two fingers inside of me and my back arched. He spanked me, before he went back inside. Sliding his stiff hard cock into me, It felt so orgasmic. I wanted to cum all over him within seconds. He gave me the most magical orgasm Ive ever experienced, it was just one after the other. I could feel him getting harder and harder, he was groaning so much. I knew he wanted to cum for me. He took it out and began stroking his cock. It was dripping with pre cum and covered in my juices. He picked out a thick dildo about 6 inches. He told me to play with it until he was ready to cum. He wanted to cum all over my tits. How very sexy! I played with the toy, looking him in the eyes as I teased myself over and over. He came closer to me , he barely had time to warn me before his cum shot out of his cock all over my tits covering them. I looked up at him with the cheesiest grin. He was breathless and chuckled. He grabbed my hand and took me to the shower.

The shower was so nice and warm, perfect he climbed in after me. He washed my whole body, making sure he didn’t miss a thing. I was in heaven. He whispered in my ear that he wanted more, more than he ever thought he wanted. I smiled and replied with actions are the only language I understand. I exited the shower and went to dress myself. I noticed yet another bag on the bed with my name in golden letters. The little black bag. It had underwear inside. As I took It out and laid it on the bed. Demitrie was standing behind me, he wrapped his hands around me and said I threw the ones you were wearing away. These are for you to take home. He had chosen a beautiful matching lace cut out bra with the matching thongs with peephole. I loved them. As I dressed myself, he sat and watched. He didn’t say a word. When  I was done, he presented me with one last gift. It was a diamond bracelet. He told me to wear it to our next dinner date.

He quickly dressed himself and escorted me back to his car, his driver was waiting. He escorted me home and walked me to my front door. A true gentleman indeed. I was floating with happiness. I was in my own love bubble. I gave him the deepest passionate kiss that I could. I told him I would await his call and he left.

I opened my door kicked off my shoes and went straight to the fridge. Damn what a man. A very sexy specimen of a man. He definitely had my attention. I poured a large glass of wine. Climed into bed and watched a random film. My mind could only focus on the night I just had. He may be just what I need.

The next day in the office,  I could hardly focus. I mean would you be able to focus with all of that going on, special boxes, gifts. And a night filled with good food and even better dessert. I needed something just like this. However I was hungry for more, he had turned on a side of me that I thought was dead to the world. I wanted to delve deeper into this mischievous side of my soul. As I looked up from my computer, I froze. It was Sabrina she was here. It had slipped my mind that this was the day she would be coming for a visit. She couldn’t help but coming to say hello. As she came into my office. She was very excited she would be starting in a week. Obviously I told her that this was fantastic news. She glanced over at my fridge and saw some bottles of brandy and wine. So I poured her a congratulatory drink, she headed over to my blinds and closed them. I thought to myself here we go. She hadn’t even started yet and she is doing things she shouldn’t be. So she took a few sips of her drink and unbuttoned her shirt a little. I didn’t say a word. She got as far as the corner of my desk before she actually noticed the look on my face. I was not impressed. I spoke to her very calmly and asked her to leave.

Now as I said earlier the thought of a female encounter does slightly interest me. But firstly she doesn’t make the rules. I do . I will decide when and where and with who I chose to do it with. I am at work in the middle of the day and I work in an office filled with very nosey people. Discretion is key, Sabrina still has to learn this evidently.  Alex not long knocked on my door, he was looking delicious today. I was highly impressed he had come to work to be the centre of every females eye. A crisp blue suit, with a platinum white shirt. Complimented by a bold red tie. I wanted him, but not like that. I wanted him to pleasure me.

I told him to follow me down the corridor. I closed the office door, turned on a video for background noise and I sat on the table infront of him. I was close enough to him that my legs were touching his.

He asked me what we were doing in here, I told him not to talk. I took my shoes off unbuttoned my shirt, revealing a ruby red bra I put my feet in his lap. I slid my panties down and told him to kneel down. He was being so obedient it was sexy, I leaned back on the table. I let him run his tongue all over me, I could tell his was so turned on by the way he was licking me. I knew he had been waiting such a long time, just for me to pay him any sort of attention. So this was it I was giving it to him, he had unzipped his trousers and was stroking his cock at the same time. I know he wanted to cum so badly, so I told him not to stop until I had cum first. He then told me he wanted to cum. So I told him he wasn’t allowed. He had to stop and go to the bathroom. The office was no place for bodily juices. I felt like a bitch inside, but he listened he got up and went to the bathroom, he came back to find me in my office. He smiled and said thank you. Strange but I was pleased. I could finally get on with some work.

I had a late lunch meeting at 4pm with a new set of clients. I was definitely ready to eat that was for sure. As I arrived at the restaurant. I noticed that there wasn’t many people around. I told the waiter who I was meeting and he showed me to my table. There he was, the man that I never ever thought existed. An incredible looking black male, well dressed and the head of the largest technology company in the UK. He had just opened a very large account with us, so big that he wanted to meet most of the people that work in the office. I said to him that I thought there were going to be others joining  us. He said he had already met with them. He called me by my name and told me had done his research, he was intrigued and wanted to meet me in a more relaxed setting. I was pleasantly surprised, and also a little alarmed. But he was definitely charming. I wanted to know more, but this curiosity of mine may be leading me astray just a tad too much.

Part 3 out next week 15.11.2017

Exciting times lie ahead for Eliza, she is living her naughty little fantasies out but do you think she will behave herself ? Why does this technology CEO know so much about her? Find out next week.


Eliza’s Roar Affair Chapter 1

There once was a woman, she lived a very dull and busy life. She ached for excitement in a world filled with papers and long drawn out meetings. For her the world was her oyster, her only issue was she didn’t quite know how to take it on. Her friends always told her to explore life, find a man even. Well this was the day it all changed for her, she woke up one morning and decided to embark on an adventure. Now here’s the story of Eliza’s Roar Affair.

Well Im Eliza, I work for a bank. How exciting ….. Life has been an utter drag for me lately I work 50 hours a week maybe more sometimes. I have no social life, well if you count the Bakewells I eat every night. Maybe that counts for something. Recently I’ve been having some serious thoughts about my life. Do I like it? Do I enjoy it? What do I think is missing?. The grand conclusion is I need to firstly gain a sex life and stop being such a prude. Secondly I need some fun, not the normal type either the type to blow your socks off. I’ve achieved everything I need in my life Finance Director for one of the largest banks. A 5 bedroom house with a drive, garden and a garage. I have children too 2 boys 1 girl, thankfully they have all grown up now and live their adult lives. So they’re hardly ever home. I guess your wondering what happened to the husband? Well that’s a very interesting story. I was bored of boring sex , boring conversations , I was in fact bored of the very sight of him. 15 years of living a life of work and housewife duties, became very tedious. What do you do when your partner refuses to try new things? Do you try them anyway or do you let them go? So that you, can fulfil your own desires. Well clearly you can see where im going with this. I walked away from something that once was a beautiful romance , but even the most beautiful of flowers wither away.

Today I was to meet with one of my closest friends, her name is Sabrina. We met through work and whilst drowning in paperwork, we had a few brandy’s and began talking. Hours went by and we really hit it off. 5 years later we still enjoy the odd brandy or two. It’s been quite a while since I last saw her. I arrived at Rum and Sugar, Sabrina was already seated at the table with a drink ready for me. I sat and we began to conversate, this is were things started to go very wrong. Sabrina had just informed me that she had been offered a position at the bank , which meant she would work in my department. So that meant she became answerable to me. I mean Im glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves but I don’t want it to jeopardise our friendship. Well it gets even more interesting from here. Sabrina tells me, she doesn’t want to make things awkward between us, but there’s something she has to say. She follows by blurting out her sexual desires towards me. Now hold on. Back all the way up a second. Yes I said Sexual Desires. She told me she had dreamt of me frequently and how her dreams woke her up feeling very aroused. Now taken aback is clearly an understatement but I was half shocked to the soul and the other half was pleasantly intrigued by the thought of a female sexual encounter. It could be a very interesting experience. Well back to the matter , I of course for professional reasons told her that any type of relationship other than friendship and work colleagues was as far as it would ever go. I enjoyed 1 last drink with her before I headed home.

The next day in the office, I was staring out of the window for a brief moment before my door knocked. It was Alex, he was my assistant and very good at his job. I’m very mindful of the way that I speak to him. I’ve caught him staring at me many times in a very curious way, let’s leave it at curiosity shall we. Im telling this story terribly, I haven’t told you what I look like how rude of me. Im 5”6 long black curly hair with brown highlights I’m 40 years young and I live in heels pencil skirts and nothing but crisp white shirts. Im also a black female finance director, in case I didn’t mention that before. Anyway where was I, ah yes Alex. He was a very attractive young man 10 years younger than me, works out frequently and from what I can see has the stamina of a young lion cub. I think these are the thoughts of the sexually deprived mind. But we must not indulge in colleagues no matter how delectable they look. Alex had come to tell me that a man had called to give me a time for a dinner date. The man never left a name but just told him to make sure I was there. Sadly for Alex he had no idea who he had just spoken to or the exclusivity of the dinner date that was about to take place. There was only one man that has the power to make such things happen. My naughty little secret, well it was about to be. I met a man a few years older than me , he was a Spanish gentlemen incredibly charming and he knew the right word to say even before you have the thought. I think this is it. Tonight was the night. I had been deprived from physical contact for 23 months and 11 days. I was craving something intensely magical. So I left the office early to groom every inch of my body.

The restaurant was called Ametsa a wonderful Spanish restaurant in Westminster. I had eaten their once for a work lunch, from what I remember the food was divine. I was in a catch 22, I needed to find an outfit where I could still be a pig with a slight bloat and still manage to look sexy. If ever there was such a piece of clothing invented. I ended up picking out a Royal blue gown with off shoulder detail. My hair was tied up in a bun with my new Tiffany studs, a pair of silver strappy heels with a matching clutch bag and I was good to go. I had never spent so much time de hairing in my life. This Is when you know it’s a special occasion. I arrived at Ametsa , it was beautiful the candles the flowers around the table. It was truly a sight that touched my heart. I sat down and Demitrie had my full attention, It was his eyes that had me engrossed. His voice was making my body erupt in Goosebumps. The fragrance he was wearing was like he was running his words down the crease of my spine, I could feel myself becoming aroused. It wasn’t even the wine, It didn’t even have a chance to kick in yet. It was his soul, It was talking to mine. If im truly honest I wanted to rip his clothes off. Have you ever looked at a man and not heard a word that they’ve said. Instead  you undress them with your mind, hoping that everything your imagining really fits the dream. I think he noticed that I was not in the mood for an audience, as much as the conversation was delightful. I had an insatiable desire to be alone in a room, with nothing but us to give the walls entertainment.

Thankfully he called for the bill, which he discreetly paid for and then escorted me to his car. He had a driver waiting on standby. He asked me were I wanted to go, I said show me something new. Something exciting so that I could let my hair down. He spoke to his driver in Spanish, within 30 mins we arrived at a 5* star hotel. He escorted me out of the car and was a true gentlemen. That was until we entered the lift, which was beautiful I must say. An exquisite chandelier with complete mirrors from ceiling to floor, It made for a very interesting first kiss. Now ladies, I know you understand this, when a man kisses you and takes your whole breath away. But he turns you on and makes you want to marry him before you even understand what’s taken place.! I was experiencing that very thing. Now I’m a grown woman so feelings like that do not just appear, they take time and a hell of an effort. However Demitrie was of a different calibre, he was something that I needed deep within my soul, not just between my legs.

We stepped out into the penthouse suite, it was an incredible sight. As I stepped out of the lift, I felt his breath on the back of my neck. I barely had time to take it all in, he kissed my neck and wrapped his hands around my waist. I turned to face him, his hands, his fingertips embraced me in a deep hug and a kiss that made me groan so loud. I wanted him right there at that very second. I needed to feel that very thing I craved. Intimacy.

He took my hand and lead me to the bedroom, a queen-size bed with flowers everywhere and candles. There was a big black box on the bed with a bright purple ribbon on. He told me to open it. Obviously I was very excited inside and wanted to rip it open, but I had to be sophisticated and elegant and open it like a lady. Where is the fun in that? Well when I opened the box, my eyes were as wide as could be, my mouth slightly ajar in shock. But then I smiled, I took out of the box a rope, handcuffs, bondage tape and a range of dildos and vibrators. I turned around, looked him in the eyes and said where do you want me to sit baby?

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the very first chapter of Eliza’s Roar Affair the next part will be out on the 8.11.2017

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Dinner is served


Slowly he pulled me in

He had me biting my lip

I felt his hands seduce my hips

Electric ran through my soul

Our eyes met

He whispered in my ear

Is this what you desire

His hand gripping my neck

As his tongue united with mine

The heat was intense

He ripped my shirt

Laying me down

He gave me everything I deserved

A beast between the sheets

Running his tongue all over me

Neck , navel and breasts

Just a starter but what about the mains

He pulled off my jeans

He used his teeth to take my panties

There was 1 final look

Before he blew my mind

His tongue took hold

Its dinner time baby he said

Buffy Meets Curved Steele – Part 3 The House Event

I was back home, it was time to wake the girls up and get them inside. Oliver and I exchanged numbers , he kissed me once more and got out to open my door. His last words for the evening were , look out for the surprise coming your way. Tomorrow is the first day of a thrilling encounter Buffy , will you take a chance with me ?

It was 6.AM, hanging was an understatement. I should truly be asleep, wrapped up in my kingsize duvet. Instead I was taking off my make-up in the mirror, I ran a hot bubble bath and climbed in to my own mini pool of heaven. I tilted my head back , gleamed at the ceiling and sighed deeply. My soul had been lit, he literally threw a match and here I am ablaze with passion. I pondered for a moment on one particular thought, did I actually like him or did I like the look of him. Those are two very different things and oh boy did I know it. I guess today would reveal all. I stayed in the bath for what felt like an hour , I needed sleep and many hours of it. After all I need my energy for later.

I woke around 2pm, I felt rejuvenated. I glanced at my phone I had 8 missed calls and 15 messages. Is this really life, can no one live without me for a few hours. 6 of those calls and 12 messages were from the girls and the others were from him , Oliver whoops Mr Steele. They said , Buffy I had a nice time meeting you last night. I know things are slightly crazy because of that, but there’s somewhere I’d like to take you tonight. Let me know if it’s okay to come and pick you up at 7pm. (Okay so guys , I have literally just done 4 cartwheels and 6 backflips in my head.) The excitement is too much I almost forgot to reply back eeeek! So, the question is what do I even send back. So I hype myself up in the mirror. I say c’mon girl you can be cool , not to eager but not to cold either. I’ve got this.

I reply and say, Good Afternoon Mr Steele. It was nice meeting you last night too. Tonight sounds like a good idea. What do you recommend I wear ? As you haven’t said where were going :). I was highly surprised with his prompt response which was, wear whatever your comfortable in. Im taking you to dinner. I was highly impressed, clearly now I had to give his interior a chance to show me what it was made of. I told him I was going to start getting ready, which should just give me enough time to speak to all of the girls and decide what I was wearing.

As the day rushed past me in a blur of giddiness and sexy thoughts, I was finally ready.

I chose a backless knee-length dress, It had long sleeves but hugged the body in all the right places. I chose my nude courts and my matching bag to accompany it with a nude coloured draped coat. I had on silver jewellery and my Givenchy perfume. I think I looked nice, not to over the top. I watched the last bit of Hollyoaks , before the door rang. He was early. Even if it was only by 3 minutes. His a bit keen, okay that did actually make me laugh out loud. I opened the door, to be greeted by a box of red roses. From the company that I’d always dreamed someone would buy me roses from. My smile gave me away terribly, he was winning me over so fast I could hardly contain myself. I offered him something to drink, but he said we should go to the restaurant.

As he opened the door to car for me, I was completely amazed. I sat in that passengers seat feeling boujee and care free. As we drove, he asked me quite a few questions about my life and family which made a change from the usual conversations starters. Such as how many boyfriends have you had? When did you last have sex? Blah Blah Blah.  We arrived at this beautiful waterfront restaurant , it was a sight that would have mad any female cry. But not me I had to maintain my cool appearance. He was being rather vanilla in conversation, I suppose that’s to keep up with the gentlemen act. He was giving me what I needed instead of what I wanted. He was stimulating my mind , with tactful questions and humour were it was necessary. This guy was a pro. Was I out of my league , how did he do this dating thing so well. Im not complaining as I’d be lost right now.

The dinner table was highly intense , as we were seated in a booth he sat right beside me. As soon as he sat beside me my thigh started twitching, it was very irritating. He was giving my leg butterflies. Is that even a thing? We ordered food I had 2 glasses of wine , and away we were. The conversation flowing at an easy pace, my mind relaxed and at ease with this man named Oliver Steele. My Mr Steele. If I could, I would have taken him right there on the table. It was as if he could hear my thoughts as he asked if I were ready. I told him I hadn’t had my dessert yet, but he could use his imagination if he really wanted to make me happy.

We drove to the outskirts of london , until we came to a big house with black iron gates. He stopped outside and pushed a button. The gates opened , and my eyebrows raised. I asked him if this was his house and he said yes it was. He got out the car first and opened my door, holding my hand all the way to the front steps. As he opened the door to his home, he picked me up closed the door with his foot and carried me to the kitchen. He said he had promised me dessert which is exactly what I would have. He took some whipped cream and strawberry sauce out of the fridge. He placed them down beside me and savaged me with his tongue, pulling my hair back I let out a small groan. He pulled my dress off and pushed me back onto the counter. I had on a strapless black bra with lace thongs to match my nails and toes were painted black. As his eyes scanned my body that was it , Mr Steele was out to play.

He sucked my breasts into his mouth paying close attention to them both, he ran his fingers down my spine. Making my back arch in pure pleasure, he kissed me all the way down. Running his tongue down towards my navel my legs wouldn’t keep still. He held my legs gently as he took the top off the whipped cream he squeezed a line from my breasts down to my very wet pussy. Which I must say was aching for every single piece of him to be inside of me. The lion itself leapt out of him , as he touched me with his tongue. Every lick every bite every suck was like electric through my body. He parted my legs once again and ran his tongue all over my clit, making me groan loud and hard. His tongue made me orgasm over and over. That was before he had even had me, like truly had me.

I wanted to be as bad as I could, I wanted to taste him. I wanted to lick him all over I wanted him to groan for me , I wanted him to feel oooh so good. I pushed him away , with a mean look on my face. I told him it was his turn, but I wanted him to feed me. I wanted him to feed me that juicy hard cock right into my mouth, I wanted to see his eyes roll as my tongue touched his cock. He pulled my hair and made sure that I tasted every single inch of him.

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Buffy Meets Curved Steele – Part 2 The House Event

“This handsome , sexy guy wanted my full attention, as we entered into the smoking area he took his lighter out  and lit two cigarettes, he handed me mine and as he did. He said your name is now Buffy , my Buffy.”

As I took my first puff I inhaled all the way into the depths of my soul, my gaze was entirely on him taking him in. My mind was almost blank , but my soul was lit on ablaze with things it wanted to do to him. Right there at that very second.I wanted him to take me , yes there was a room full of people but isn’t that apart of the fun ? Okay Sash , whoops its Buffy now ha ha. Contain yourself girl , he is just one man if he see’s how weak you are for him now. There will be no going back , I’ll be his sooner than I could anticipate. Time to play it cool.

He was 5’9 with a seductive grin , he had a silver tooth in the corner of his mouth which just glimmered in the night light. He wore a crisp blue shirt with jeans that fitted just right and a fresh pair of Louboutins. He knew how to dress , he had an intoxicating aftershave on that made me want to lean into his arms and never let go. Damn him ! I watched him smoke that cigarette, for what felt like forever. His deep silky voice said “Buffy , there’s something about you that I can’t put my finger on, I feel that my soul has a great desire for you”.”I want to know you, every single sinful piece of you”. He grabbed my waist so tight and pressed his lips against mine, making me lose my breath.His lips were so intense I could actually feel how wet I was. As he pushed his tongue inside of my mouth, he grabbed my bum and pushed me into him, I could feel his dick. It was hard as wood , and every single inch of it I wanted inside of me.

We were getting way to carried away, I pulled away with a filthy grin. I told him,to have fun with me he would have to try harder. He took me by the waist and lead me back through the crowd. We found a corner that wasn’t overly crowded and danced in our own little bubble of passion. As we did he whispered in my ear, to see if I wanted to play a game with him. It was a game of teasing and the quest was to see how many people spoke to us both throughout the night. The loser has to give the winner mind-blowing oral at a later date of the winners choosing. Intriguing I thought, don’t get me wrong it was very intriguing. But boy was I territorial , Im the type to ignore you because you made me jealous. But now Oliver Steele wanted me to indulge in a game that could only bring about…. There it was it could only bring about a hot steamy night of passion that I deeply craved.

I agreed to play, as we parted ways for the evening he told me to keep playing until the night was over. He offered to take me and the girls home after, which made me grin. He wasn’t just a sexy beast, he had a heart too. I managed to speak to around 12 guys whilst he only got 6 females,I guess women are just better at this I said when we later met outside. The girls were cold and tired so we go into his plush Audi Q7 and sped off into the night. We didn’t stop talking the whole journey, we even played a little whilst he was driving, his hand sliding up and down my thighs, whilst I brushed his dick over with my fingertips.The chemistry was like nothing I had ever experienced.

I was back home, it was time to wake the girls up and get them inside. Oliver and I exchanged numbers , he kissed me once more and got out to open my door. His last words for the evening were , look out for the surprise coming your way. Tomorrow is the first day of a thrilling encounter Buffy , will you take a chance with me ?

Return next week for  Part 3 – Only Buffy and Mr Steele 

Next weeks edition will be password protected as things will be getting very heated. 

What is it to be erotic? 

What is it to be erotic ? 

What it does is to wrap your soul 

To take your entire being 

To penetrate the surface of your true self 

The things you so deeply desire 

The hunger , the thirst for passion that you yearn 

You want to give and to be given to 

Until you reach your highest points of ecstasy

But there is more than just to penetrate 

There is to connect to an entire being 

And let your worlds collide 

Exploding into a new universe 

When 1 soul meets another 

What it is to be erotic ? 

Those are my words 

What are yours ? 

Madame Laylah 

Buffy Meets Curved Steele – Part 1 The House Event

It was my first night out in London , excited was a huge understatement. I was the type to stay home all the time a boring cow, pretty much sums it up. Tonight the girls had told me there was no other option , but to get dressed and get in the mood to let my hair down I shopped all the time online , a slight addict if I must say. I had dresses and shoes to choose from, but this was different. Tonight I wanted to remember this night for the rest of my life. Imagine being 25 and the only place you ever party was your balcony or the kitchen, although the bottles did rack up I was utterly bored. My desires couldn’t be held back any more, there were so many things I’d imagined and it was time I found a suitable suitor to match me.

My girls were a crazy bunch of females, Stacey , Tanika and Tanya. We have all known each other since we were kids, I’ve always been the quiet one. But what’s that saying ? It’s always the quiet ones. I had these sexy black leather hot pants and  this sexy black bralet that even made me say damn when I looked in the mirror. This night out , was a house night. Firstly Im a house freak , anything to do with house is my thing. And of course to match my outfit , I had a sexy fresh box pair of black , shiny hi top converses with thick chunky laces. My whole outfit was black with a gorgeous silver choker to match my anklet and bracelet. Before we called the cab, it was drinks time. I looked amazing , so did my girls. We were about to make heads turn , eyes roll and tongues talk. After 1 bottle of champagne and half a bottle of brandy in shots it was time to leave.

We called an UBER , Ive never UBERED , I lost my Uberginity Lol. So the cabman said , ladies I have an Aux lead and some wicked speakers who’s plugging in first. Of course it had to be house every weekend, I wanted to feel the bass going through my soul, pumping me ready to be surrounded by people, lights and a sound that would shake my entire universe. As we arrived at the venue I could see a line of people , a feeling took over me. Almost as if I needed to be here , the timing  was right. We joined the queue and it wasn’t long before we were inside. The energy was so intense , I felt the fire inside of me dance with the music all the way through to my feet. I wanted a drink , me and the girls head to the bar. Linking arms all the way, we buy 2 bottles of ciroc which should definitely last an hour or so , followed by bottles of water. The girls made a toast , for me finally getting my arse out of the house and into civilisation. I could feel a heat surge through my back , almost as if someone was staring so hard I could feel  it. As I spun around , there he was I smiled discreetly hardly making eye contact , and I went into dance , cutting shapes feeling the music take me there to my special place. Tanya grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear “That guy has been watching you for ages , his trying to get your attention “. I told her that if he wanted my attention he needed to make his presence felt.

I turned my back towards him once more , and poured us all another drink. I felt alive and free, is this what I had been missing out on. An amazing atmosphere that just made me happy all over.As I went for the bottle , I felt someone standing behind me and then an arm place another 3 bottles down with many cups. It was him, making his presence felt, I bit my lower lip hard , It was as if I had met him somewhere before, I could feel it. He made me wet instantly , as he whispered in my ear I had butterflies I was floating on the inside. He told me his name was Oliver but if I was a good girl it would be Mr Steele. Everything that I had dreamed, I feel was about to become a reality. As I sipped another Ciroc and Cranberry I felt his arm around my waist leading me away, I told the girls I was going for air. I definitely needed some and a cigarette and just to take it all in. This handsome , sexy guy wanted my full attention, as we entered into the smoking area he took his lighter out  and lit two cigarettes, he handed me mine and as he did. He said your name is now Buffy , my Buffy.

7 days of Christmas kink – Kurt and Lisa part 2

We are at our floor, when we stepped out it was dead quiet. We were the first ones in that day, I took his hand and lead him to an office. I pushed him inside and locked the door. I couldn’t take anymore interruptions I just needed every piece of this powerful man. Right here , Right now !
I took off my satin scarf that was elegantly draped around my neck. I leaned in towards him as if it was a kiss instead. I ran my hands down his arms until I reached his hands in mine. I tied his arms behind the chair he was stuck. There was nothing he could do.

I pulled my skirt up to just under my breasts and then I sat on his lap my legs over his. Firmly on his lap I started feeling his bulge grow harder in his trousers. I unbuttoned my shirt around 4 buttons down, I took my breasts out and started massaging them right in front of him. He could look but couldn’t touch , unless I fed him. By this point his mouth was so eager to indulge in me, I unzipped his trousers and took out his thick juicy dick. It was rather amazing. Hi 5 I said to my inner freak. As I pull myself up just enough to sit down right on him, I let him lick my tits and suck on my nipples until he groaned. 

He wanted so much but I think what I was about to get back was very little. As I sat slowly down I was moving my waist so that his dick would slide inside of me smoothly. And when I did I had to cover his mouth. The moan that he let out could have been heard by anyone, and we really didn’t need to get caught. 

All this built up frustration was taking its toll on me, I wanted to cum all over him. Mostly because I hadn’t had a good session for sooo long, and he had my attention , because we never ever spoke a word to each other. But our sexual chemistry sang a thousand words. He was definitely not going to forget me or this thrilling experience any time soon. 

I stood up and crouched down in front of him. Our eyes met and we were in a deadlock gaze. I ravished his dick with the tip of my tongue , keeping this intense gaze going. Were my eyes went his followed. I teased him over and over until I was sure he was going to cum. 

A wave of disappointed shuddered through my soul. This was wrong, it was fun but very wrong. That feeling demolished my intensity. It washed it away, like there was no attraction in the first place.

I stood , untied him and I put my satin scarf back around my neck. I grinned and left him sitting there hard as rock completely confused. I told him, he better hurry and get dressed. For its almost time for work and I’m sure the office is open now. I gave him a cheeky wink. And that was that, I let myself out 

I strolled into the bathroom to compose myself. And because I didn’t get any sexual satisfaction I use my rocks off bullet to please myself. I must say sometimes ladies it’s better to just do it yourself. 

Kurt was a man of lust and that was all. The best thing I could have done was enjoy the lust. 

7 Days of Christmas Kink – The crack of dawn

It was 5.30 am. As much as getting up at this hour kills me every time, there was one particular thought on my mind. One that I couldn’t shake , but who was I kidding I wanted to do more than think about it. This guy , at my office he was insanely cute, he caught my train every day and subtly smiles with me. Which made my insides melt every morning, except for weekends because we do not work! Never did I think the day would come were I’d wanna work just to see his face. His name is Kurt.

This morning was running smooth im actually ready to leave. I spray my UNTOLD perfume and began my intoxicating journey to work. Everyone loved this perfume, and I knew kurt did too. So far this had been going on for about 6 weeks , no words spoken just this built up chemistry. He brushes past me often at work and if we have to interact he makes the moment very personal, but relates to work. Its the biggest wind up, and today I decided I’ve had quite enough of being so frustrated. Frustrated to the extent of wet panties , hot sweats at night and not enough batteries in my toy to make me feel good. It had to end today.

I stepped onto the train and there he was , sitting as his usual end of the carriage. Today I decided to not look at him. I had to, he gave me the craziest butterflies. We stayed on the train for the most intense 34 minutes of my life. I could feel his eyes burning into me , and as I walked off the train to the lift, I could feel him behind me. He stood close enough to make me tingle all over , but not close enough to touch me. I’d never been so glad to breathe fresh air. I literally sped off , as soon as I tapped my oyster. He really wasn’t that far behind me ,maybe we both had the same idea.

As I reached the office , he was there behind me waiting for the lift. Another lift , well I was going to make this something to remember. As we entered the lift, I walked slowly so that he would hopefully take the hint. He did , Kurt grabbed me by the waist and walked me into the lift. He spun me around and began running his hands over me ,his lips were firmly pressed against mine. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, I was supposed to be in control. But , hey im not complaining.

We are at our floor, when we stepped out it was dead quiet. We were the first ones in that day, I took his hand and lead him to an office. I pushed him inside and locked the door. I couldn’t take anymore interruptions I just needed every piece of this powerful man. Right here , Right now !

Check back later today to see what Lisa and Kurt get up too…..





7 days of Christmas Kink -Sasha’s Story Part 2

I know his almost ready , I can feel the warmth of him as he pushes himself against my bum. I can feel his erection grow harder by the second, I’m soaking , my back is arched so deep it could almost snap. “SPANK ME MASTER !! ” I groan I need more……

He stops almost abruptly , my insides burn with frustration and tension. Damn this man had a way with me! I can hear him in the drawers , my heart is pulsating so fast. The secret drawer please let it be the secret drawer. Now this secret drawer had both of our secret desires hidden inside. All the things that we thought about doing but never actually did, the amount of strange looking objects in there could be alarming at a first glance. But the pleasure that could come from my ALPHA and that box was a force to be reckoned with. And boy did I want to reckon away.

I feel something cold run over my butt cheeks , his oiling me up ! I’m giddy with excitement and nervous with anticipation. I hear him fumbling around and then there it was. A sensation like no other, the vibration was intense I felt orgasmic already. He pushed it back and forth over my clit. Making sure to touch all the places I love. I could feel the tip of his erection just gliding slowly to my pussy. YUM it’s about to go down. As he gets closer to me and feels how wet I am. I feel him stand to attention fully right there between my legs , fuck me master I whisper. Again with the paddle he begins to spank down from 10.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 – The emotion I was feeling was so intense it gripped my soul with two hands. I was at my weakest point, just needing him to take me into the deepest depths of orgasm there is. My face was in the pillow my fingers gripping onto the sheets with my teeth digging into the mattress. It’s hard to consider the neighbours at a time like this. I’m sure the whole street could hear me , but I didn’t give a damn. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to feel this sensational man , months of celibacy for this very moment.

As he slid inside of me, he worked his body in ways that make your toes curl. Feeling his hard manliness delve inside of me over and over ,  was tantalising. I wanted to pleasure him until he could take no more. I pulled away from him , shouted at him to take off the blindfold and the ties. I gleamed with exotic rage, it was my turn to make him groan to make him crave my very touch.

Although his is my ALPHA, I’m allowed to take charge to an extent. He loves every single second of it. I demand that he lies on the bed. I don’t need restraints, just teasing is enough. I climb on top of him my skin touching his naked flesh. I begin slowly pushing my nails into his back before I kiss his neck , mixing the pleasure with sweet pain of passion. As I reach his chest. I begin to bite with every kiss , lick with every touch. If he moves he loses and we start all over again. If he wins , he gets to pick a forbidden secret from the box. All for his pleasure. The forbidden secrets are the toys that I will not play with but will for his ultimate pleasure.

I reach his navel with my tongue and the tip of his dick is resting there waiting for my tongue. I breathe gently over it just to tease, and then my tongue savages his dick like my favourite chocolate ice cream. All over I lick until he groans , It was time to be a very bad sub. I sucked him into my mouth whilst looking him dead in the eye. He wanted to groan so much , but he was stubborn so I went faster and faster until he was so hard I could feel the tension. He moaned for me to lick and suck faster , slower all these commands. Guess who is in charge? I stopped. As it couldn’t be over just yet. He gazed at me like i’d just taken his lollipop away , but what I had in store was much better. I gathered the forbidden toys and placed them in front of him.

I knew what he was going to pick as he’d been bugging about it for ages , this is how the celibacy started. He wanted anal sex ………. Well I can tell you we have been together for 10 years and we only now have a forbidden toy, that I said I would never use. Tonight is the night I said and I meant it. As predicted he went for a small choice of butt plug , to my displeasure. I kissed him on the mouth and gripped his face with my fingers , I said he better know what the hell his doing !

I turn over on my front, I can tell his overwhelmed with joy that I’m actually agreeing to this. His hands are warm , he slowly begins kissing me down my back making sure that I’m all worked up again. He pushes his fingers inside of me once again and there it is , divine pleasure filling my insides. He poured oil down my spine flooding the arch of my back. I could feel his finger tips playing with the oil , as it trickled down to my bum.The moment of truth was upon me and I felt slightly nervous even a little sick. But I let go and I let the man I trusted with my entire being slide his most prized forbidden item inside of my slippery oiled up ass…..

At first I was unsure, but when I gave in to my ALPHA there was no going back he slid his throbbing dick slowly inside of me. The feeling was out of this world.Something I couldn’t quite describe,I was going to cum any second and he knew it. I was tightening around his dick and his dick was getting harder by the second. He pulled my hair back and leaned forward to kiss me deeply on the mouth, at that very second. This euphoria filled my mind and my body taking me as it did him. And there we climaxed together , collapsing onto the bed with him still on my back and inside of me. We laid there for minutes just breathing, gasping almost. No words were needed.

For this is how my ALPHA made me feel.

Well, that’s the end of Sasha’s story but tomorrow we will have something a little bit more spontaneous. Something very filthy that happened in  the heat of the moment, check back tomorrow for Becky’s story.


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